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Stanford University Libraries

Vabamu and Stanford Libraries have a strong partnership that has lasted for decades. The reasons behind our collaborations are many, but most importantly, both Vabamu and the Stanford Libraries Baltic Studies program were created thanks to the Kistler-Ritso Foundation. Vabamu was opened in 2003 thanks to donations by Olga Kistler-Ritso and in 2011 the Stanford Libraries Baltic Studies Program was created as a result of the Kistler-Ritso Foundation’s endowment to Stanford Libraries and the its continuing support for enhancing Baltic studies.

Vabamu is now one of Stanford Libraries’ closest external partners. Together we have collaborated on student and scholar exchange programs, travelling exhibitions, guest lectures, Global Conversations talk series events, and the online exhibit “The Aim is Freedom: A History of Occupations and Independence in Estonia.”

Vabamu works closely together with Liisi Esse, Curator for Estonian and Baltic Studies at Stanford Libraries. Liisi develops Stanford’s collection of Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, and Finnish materials in all formats, including books, periodicals, manuscripts, and electronic resources. She also runs various Baltic projects, organises Baltic exhibits and events at Stanford, and she is one of the creators of Stanford-Baltics Exchange Program at Vabamu.


Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is an international business accelerator and in August 2022, CDL-Estonia was launched. Vabamu is one of the founding partners of CDL- Estonia together with the University of Tartu, the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications and the investment fund Taavet+Sten.

CDL- Estonia is focused on digital society, bringing together experienced founders of unicorns and world-leading experts across digital governance, cyber security, and genomics to help scale innovations. CDL-Estonia also provides opportunities for start-ups to develop and pilot business models on real data produced by Estonia’s digital government ecosystem.

Vabamu is CDL-Estonia’s neutral partner as we offer support to those interested in cooperation and provide a network to help Estonia establish the international contacts needed for the development of a free society.