Why Your Support Matters

We urge you to bestow a gift to the next generation, so that they can learn from the past as they build their future. All of us have a common goal – we wish to educate the next generation and make Estonia more visible around the world. Be a part of it!

How to Contribute

Make a Donation

Using the payment options below, you can make a positive contribution to Vabamu and help educate future generations. Our museum appreciates each donation, as even small contributions can be of help in teaching the world something new and interesting about Estonian history.

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20€ – Keep our precious memories safe and alive!
Vabamu exhibitions ensure stories from our shared past and present are safeguarded. Your 20 meets the cost of an audio recording to capture and share a moment in time.

50€ – Bring Billy to Vabamu!
Vabamu reaches 3000 youngsters annually through youth engagement. But for some kids like Billy the travel and entry are too much. Your 50 can meet the cost of his first educational visit.

100€ – Share our story with the world!
Vabamu has a wonderful story to share about our culture, history and heritage. Will you help share the story across world by meeting the cost of a online promotion?

500€ – Become Vabamu’s Global Guardian!
Vabamu encourages everyone to think about the recent past, to sense the fragility of freedom, and to stand for freedom and justice. Your 500 can meet the cost of reaching new audiences!

Other Ways to Contribute

Donate an Item or Tell Us Your Story

We are very grateful to receive your story and we are particularly interested in the letters and articles of your grandparents. Over 40,000 items have been donated to the museum over the years, all of which tell touching stories about our recent history. Write to our Collection Manager Liisi Rannast-Ka at the e-mail address or call +372 668 0250.



Many good people have donated to the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom. Thank you! Because of your support, we are able to touch and educate tens of thousands of citizens and take care of 40,000 items that have been donated to the museum!

“Never Again!” This was my mother’s reason to found a museum documenting the Soviet and Nazi occupations. Vabamu’s purpose is to inspire, promote and preserve freedom, showcasing the resistance of the Estonian people to these repressions and the subsequent rise of a vibrant, free Estonia.

Sylvia Thompson, Daughter of Olga Kistler-Ritso

For me, freedom means the ability to be who you want to be.

Sten Tamkivi

Estonian World War II refugees and their descendants ensured that Estonia was never forgotten by the free world. Their hard work, dedication, and belief in freedom must be recorded in Estonian history.

Marju Rink-Abel