Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) is an international business accelerator program that offers science and technology-based start-ups access to world-class mentors and international capital. Vabamu is a neutral partner of CDL-Estonia, as we offer support and a network to those interested in cooperation, which helps Estonia create international contacts necessary for the development of a free society.

In May, the first CDL-Estonia season ended in Vabamu! 18 companies started the first season of CDL-Estonia. Seven of them completed the guidance and development of the entire session. During the year, 21 internationally recognized and valued mentors arrived in Estonia through CDL, and a total of 46 mentors from Estonia and abroad worked with companies in the accelerator.

The program is coordinated in Estonia by the Faculty of Economics of the University of Tartu, the partners who founded CDL-Estonia are the Ministry of Economy and Communications, Taavet + Sten and Vabamu.

The founder of CDL, Prof. Ajay Agrawal from Toronto, also came to Tallinn to celebrate the end of the season, and he gave a lecture in Vabamu based on his new book “Power and Prediction”. At the closing event, Vabamu recognized the CDL-Estonian internship program with a special award, where 11 high school girls from Tartu participated throughout the season. Having a rare opportunity, high school students could personally participate and observe the mentoring program throughout the year with the aim of supporting and encouraging girls to be more active in the technology sector. Their prize for them was participation in the museum lesson of the temporary exhibition about the history of Estonian women’s movements.

Vabamu’s mission is to stand up for freedom and justice, in which freedom of speech, thought, religion, movement, press and entrepreneurship play an important role. Strong international relations in various fields are an important part of our free and democratic society.