• Vabamu Exhibitions abroad


Vabamu in collaboration with Stanford Libraries have launched an online exhibit, “The Aim is Freedom: A History of Occupations and Independence in Estonia.” The exhibit, which was curated by making use of Stanford’s online exhibit platform Spotlight, draws material from Vabamu’s collection of manuscripts and artifacts and explains the historical events through personal stories. The exhibit introduces the history of Estonia during the Nazi and Soviet occupations and describes the story of the restoration of Estonia’s independence in the 1980s and 1990s. Go to Spotlight

The joint exhibit was the culmination of SUL’s and Vabamu’s recent collaborative digitization project, in which SUL acquired digital files of 200 artifacts that represent key holdings of the Vabamu collections. During the project, SUL and Vabamu produced new English-language metadata for the material, enhancing global access to the content.