Museum lessons

What Is Freedom?



Children value freedom and accompanying opportunities as well as understand the responsibilities that come along. They reckon others’ needs in relation to their own.


At the center of this lesson lies the question: “What is freedom?”. We will answer it from different perspectives. For example, what freedom might have meant for our grandparents? What might have it meant for a child escaping the war with a boat over the stormy sea?
What about those children who were deported to Siberia and grew up without parents? What freedom meant for them? Is children’s freedom limited if they only have few toys?
To answer those questions we will look at different life stories of children during World War II. By stepping into their shoes, we will find answers to some of the questions current in nowadays society as well. Why is it important to help and support each other? Does one need to live at home to be free? Do we need to fight for freedom? Can everyone be free? Is it possible to be happy in captivity? Those, among others, are the questions we will try to answer.

During the lesson, each child prepares and creates their own Freedom Compass to remember what they learned.

Duration: 60 minutes