Museum lessons

Estonia 1939-1991: Difficult Choices


In this museum lesson, we’ll study the impacts of war and its aftermath, by listening to video recordings of actual people who lived through those harsh times. By listening to their real-life stories, the students will better understand the choices our ancestors had to make during wartime, and then during the following illegal occupation.

Some example questions that could be asked by the trainer at the beginning could be: What choices did the young men of that time have to make? Why were some people deported? Why did many people choose to leave their homes? Why did many people not fight back?

Nowadays, we also make choices in our lives that may permanently affect our future. What could be some examples of those choices?

In addition, as the students learn about the Estonians who became refugees during the German and Soviet occupation of their country, they can also explore ways to help and support today’s victims of repression and war.
Duration: 90 minutes