Temporary Exhibition

The exhibition “Просто” (Simply)

The exhibition “Просто” (Simply) is a collection of artists’ works that reflect life before and during the war in Ukraine. The main goal of the exhibition is to show how people’s sensitivity and perceptions change within the boundaries of a new, very painful reality.

The exhibition presents the works of artists from various devastated regions of Ukraine, including Mariupol, and through them the pain and the moral and psychological state of the artists caught in the whirlwind of the war can be felt by the viewers.

The organisers of the exhibition are young art students from Estonia and Ukraine:
Pavel Stepanenko: curator of the exhibition, student of Cultural Studies and Art History at the Estonian Academy of Arts Sigacheva Eva: co-curator of the exhibition, student of Design at NAOMA Nikolajeva Elisaveta: co-curator, student of Liberal Arts at the Estonian Academy of Arts Kara Popicon: Estonian translation, student of Scenography at the Estonian Academy of Arts.

* The names of the artists remain confidential to protect their security.

The exhibition can be seen in Vabamu from 01.02-19.02.2023.