Temporary Exhibition

Participatory exhibition: ‘My Freedom in a State of Emergency’

11.05–12.06 2020

For many of us, the last two months have passed between the same four walls: our homes. What freedoms are we missing the most? How has our understanding of open borders and interaction with friends and family changed? [A lack of] freedom has taken on new meaning in our everyday lives. No doubt we are all thinking about our freedoms much more today than we were a year ago.

‘My Freedom in a State of Emergency’ asks people how their lives have changed in the last two months and gives visitors the chance to share their own thoughts, opinions and anecdotes. To this end, the museum’s Freedom Hall has been transformed into a participatory space to encourage visitors to reflect on the events of recent months. The exhibition is taking shape and will continue to take shape day by day at Vabamu with the help of visitors.

It is also important to contemplate current events in an historical context. We can ask ourselves when in the past Estonia suffered from shortages of goods, what those goods were, when the last time was that it proved so difficult to travel abroad and when the streets of Tallinn last saw such little traffic. Although the circumstances are completely different, today too we are talking about how we can bring even more freedom back into our lives as we move on from the state of emergency.

The exhibition is in Estonian and is open from 11 May-12 June.

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