Museum Night in Vabamu

During the Museum Night Vabamu the Museum of Occupations and Freedom is opened from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m. with free entrance. It is the night of patterns!

What kind of patterns represent freedom? What kind of colors are carried by the history? Come to get inspired by our permanent exhibition "Freedom without boarders". Through our e-tour guide you will be taken on a provocative and thoughtful journey across Estonia's recent history. Throughout the evening, you are welcomed to draw patterns in colours of freedom and history on the museum building's glass walls.

Estonian Deposit Library contributes with the pattern put together of literature written in freedom. You will be able to choose a book from the selection of literature works written by Estonian writers abroad, to give those books a new life. Additionally, many history books will be discounted in our museum shop.

The cafe will stay opened throughout the evening. There you can find patterns as well - on cakes or made out of foam on your coffee by our Visitor Experience Guides. The combo price of cake and coffee is 3 euroes, so make sure to enjoy a small coffee break during the Museum Night.

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More information Museum Night in KGB Prison Cells.

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