The Museum of Occupations Presents Estonian History at Stanford University

The Estonian museum of occupations from 2-6 June presented the country’s history at Stanford University in California with a traveling exhibition, titled “Masters of Our Own Homes: Estonia at 100”.

The exhibition was organised as part of the Association for the Advancement of Baltic Studies conference at Stanford.

According to the managing director of the museum, Merilin Piipuu, the activities of the museum are no longer limited to the inside of museum walls.

“The purpose of the museum of occupations is to tell the story of small Estonia within the larger history while reminding people the importance of freedom and how fragile it is,” she said in a statement. “The exhibition is our gift to Estonians living abroad, for them to have a place where they can celebrate 100 years of Estonia. They can share the story of their homeland with their friends and acquaintances through the exhibition and others can get acquainted with Estonia, its history, culture and people.”

Within a year, the exhibition will travel to four large cities in North America. After the West Coast, it flies to Toronto, Boston and Washington.