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Orienteering game ‘Ten significant places in one hundred years’

This QR-code based game set in Tallinn is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Estonia. The adventure ties together knowledge about history, movement and orienteering, smart device skills, and attentiveness. It is suitable for both younger and older players and has fitting content for a school lesson as well as friendly one-upmanship. During the game, teams explore whether and how the purpose of the buildings and sites in Tallinn Old Town has changed through history. Which fascinating facts do some of these houses store? Which details can be recognised on the houses? Which historic events have affected the building’s history? The game begins at the Vabamu Museum of Occupations and Freedom, where the game master receives the necessary guidelines, and ends wherever the game master decides – whether in the museum, the café, or at school. The game concludes with a joint review of the answers. It is a different, meaningful way of traveling through Tallinn’s Old Town.
Duration: approximately 1 hour
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